Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gabriella's Extended Family & How to Get in Contact with Us

Get in contact with your family Gabriella Knowles Gonzalez

Leave a comment on this blog - We'll get back to you. Leave a place to contact you. Find Grandma at:

  • Facebook: dana.knowles@gmail.com (Dana M. Knowles); 
  • WhatsApp and Phone: 6194039027
  • Uncle John: 206-422-5239

Uncle John

Grandma and Gabriella 2012
Auntie Maryam, Gabi and Grandma Dana Knowles
Grandpa Samier Salman Mahdie

Mom - Sally Knowles, with Gabriella 2011

Grandma on her way to a party :)

The Best Ever Grand Daughter in the Whole World



  1. Gabriella, Your mother's family is trying to find you. Call us, write us a letter or email at the contacts listed above. Make sure to leave a comment on this blog which will give us your email. We love you, and miss you.

  2. Can't wait until you discover the internet Gabi. Sent you a subscription to National Geographic this week. Hope you get it.


Please feel free to send us your comments. If you have information regarding how to get in touch with Gabriella Knowles or are in touch with her, please reach out. Her maternal family has been denied the right to see her by her father, his babymama, without authorization of the courts in the State of Washington