Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy Sixth Birthday Gabriella Knowles Gonzales 1-11-2017

Happy Birthday Gabriella - I'm not sure where your mommy got these pictures, but she did. She misses you so much. In fact she refuses to leave Washington State until she does. Everyday we think of you, and try to understand why your father will not let you talk to your mother's family. Your mother sends you much love, and misses you so much. She cannot get on with her life until she can again be a part of her daughter's life. We tried to send your presents, but your father refuses our phone calls and our texts. Please call  or text your Grandma 619-403-9027  or Uncle John 206-422-5239

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Please feel free to send us your comments. If you have information regarding how to get in touch with Gabriella Knowles or are in touch with her, please reach out. Her maternal family has been denied the right to see her by her father, his babymama, without authorization of the courts in the State of Washington